Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today's Manufactured Outrage

The news program 60 Minutes and Israel recently got into a scuffle about a very biased program that 60 Minutes broadcast about Arab Christians. In short they blamed Israel for the declining number of Christians there and completely ignored the horrendous abuse of Christians everywhere else in the Middle East. Criticism came at 60 Minutes from all sides, including Ambassador Michael Oren, and you can read some of them here and here if you want to know more details about it. One quick sample from the Tablet article though:
"Because here’s the thing: the story is kind of B.S. At one point, Simon notes the obstacles that West Bank checkpoints impose on Palestinian Christians, as though this were something Christians were specifically targeted for or uniquely suffer from. He thinks he is taking an original angle on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but he is really just rehashing it and unfairly narrowing it in such a way that ignorant viewers may get that incorrect impression. (By confusing what the conflict is really about, this report actually does the cause of Palestinian rights a disservice. Its divide-and-conquer mindset arguably comes from the British Empire’s playbook.) While the show was menschy enough to air influential Haaretz columnist Ari Shavit calmly explaining what was wrong with the segment’s premise—namely, “Israel is not persecuting Christians as Christians. The Christians in the Holy Land suffer from Israeli policies that are a result of the overall tragic situation”—it might have actually taken Shavit’s words to heart."
Of course the Huffington Post ignored all of this and instead focused on Michael Oren arguing with Bob Simon and placed the story prominently in the "Media" section....for some reason. 700 comments immediately followed, most of which about how much Israel sucks, but a great number of which were also about how Jews control the media. Think I am exaggerating?

And that's just a small sample of the hatred that flowed like water throughout the thread. Take a look for yourself if you'd like to see more.


  1. LOL. Seriously. Jews control the media, Jews own the media, etc etc.
    Do these people really think that if that were true, their vitriolic, anti-Israel, anti-semitic diatribes against Israel and Jews would be printed…in the media?

    I don't know if I'm more amused or sickened. Or both.

  2. Seriously. If these people had brains they would be dangerous.

    Do they really truly think that if Israel or Jews "controlled" or "owned" the media, or congress, or politicians, that they would be free to constantly print their vitriolic anti-semitic diatribes against Israel and Jews?

    I don't know if I am more sickened, or amused.
    I think both.


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