Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Abuse of Comment Policy Ignored by HP Editors

Just a quick note for the record. We profiled the anti-Semitic and hate-filled poster Nwo2012 quite a while ago. Naturally his many insulting remarks made toward other users have been met with approval by the Huffington Post editors, because he is anti-Israel. However recently he has made a sock puppet named "Red Pill" which is almost as insulting and generally belligerent. We can prove that he is a sock puppet because he doesn't even do a very good job trying to hide it. Here are some examples for now and we will add more as they come in:

The original link.

Link #1
Link #2

See what I mean? Anyway make sure to bring this to the attention of the Huffington Post moderators so that they can ignore it.

Update: Here's a call to violence from "RedPill"

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