Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Comment of the Day

This comment didn't get any favorites, but it's still undeleted after at least 9 hours:

Highlights: the Khazar myth, "AshkeNAZI fake Jews" (offensive on two levels) and "Israel is the child of Satan"

The original link.


  1. This is the same dickhead from the post above. Obviously a mental patient with severe issues. Every human population has sports of nature like him.

  2. I am learning that nothing can alter the feeble minds of the simpleton sheeple who wish to scapegoat an entire culture or people, and who eagerly seek to blame OTHERS (Jews, of course) for all of the little interpersonal failures in THEIR lives, nothing. See how they scream and spew their mucous membranes out, like a gaggle of babies that have all dropped their pacifiers, for all they know now is that they have been WRONGED by the world somehow, and that they need mommy to make it right. And a convenient whipping boy too, as they get older. Bullies never change over the ages, they just get cute new titles ("Progressive Socialists" (Jihad apologists))

    I for one am learning to ignore these hate-filled automatons which parrot I am learning that nothing can alter the feeble minds of certain brain-dead sheeple who are apt to scapegoat an entire group of people, and who eagerly seek to blame others (the Jewish people of course), and to blame others for all of their little failings in life. Nothing can put an end to that pathetic mentality harboured and parroted by such sorts. Fools will never be in short supply. See how they scream and spew their membranes out, kind of like (if you can imagine) a room filled with screeching babies who have all dropped their pacifiers ... for, all they know now is that they have been wronged by this big scary world somehow, and that they need their mommies to make it all right again (And as they get older, perhaps a convenient whipping boy to beat on as well). See, bullies have not changed much over the millennia; They just gained cute new titles like "Progressive Socialists" aka "Jihad Enablers & Apologists."

    Indeed I am also gradually learning to ignore these hate filled automatons, which parrot each other gleefully on their favourite trashy 'progressive' propaganda pieces, whenever I do pop in to scan the filth on their walls out of my own morbid curiosity. I feel I must monitor occasionally how the enemy of my fundamental rights is doing (like my right to exist, and my right to defend myself and my loved ones from harm, for starters). But, rough is it, reading through so many of these hideous, regurgitated, and logic-depraved postings. And, seeing how many rabidly foaming-at-the-mouths "fans" they boast - makes a head hang low in shame, realizing that there are just so many ignorant simpletons out there yet, and how they multiply. Many of these commentors seem so utterly lacking in any accountability for their own lives ... or in possessing the capability to understand anything more complex than the plot to a Bad Boys film. Everything is "done to them" and it is all a "conspiracy" of some kind with the bogeyman out to get them.

    As for me, I refuse to sail through life "letting things be done to me" or otherwise harbour such a passively pathetic mentality like these clones seem apt to do. Should the hater clones succeed in drumming up enough support for their vocal little mobs that they one day feel emboldened enough to try to impose their violence against the Jews, as has been done by their ancestors on occasion all throughout our existence, I will be ready, standing vigilant, and armed, to protect my loved ones and this humble abode. I will fight back till my last breath if need be against any who seeks to harm us. ARM UP people. Exercise your basic human right to self-defense. It is a given that to survive we have to sometimes fight for our very existence. This new "progressive" breed of hate-spewing sheep might try to ruin it for many of the select group of people that they have fixated on to blame everything on, but their hatred will be in vain, and they will fail as they always have throughout the years.
    We will not perish. Never forget. Never again. We will fight, and we will continue to survive and grow, each and every time.


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