Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Couple of Humorous Daoud Kuttab Moments

Huffington Post blogger and defender of terrorists Daoud Kuttab has said a couple of amusing things that I wanted to share with you. Our first example is from the aforementioned John Wight article about the hunger striking Palestinians:

Yes, the Huffington Post clearly hates articles about Palestinian prisoners. Besides, of course, the one by John Wight upon which Mr. Kuttab made this comment. Oh wait, maybe they just hate articles about Palestinian prisoners written by Daoud Kuttab!

Oh, maybe not. Hey, here's another theory: Maybe they got a little tired of you publishing the same story four times right next to each other and decided to give someone else (John Wight) a turn? Especially considering you also published an article just a few days ago.

Which in turn leads us to that article. It's about Arab leaders suddenly having an interest in East Jerusalem, and the usual Jerusalem-related talking points. I didn't have much to say about it, except for this one remark at the end.
"Jordanian-Palestinian relations have improved considerably in recent decades. The friendly relationship and trust between King Abdullah and Abbas are obvious to all concerned. Jordan's persistent and unwavering support to the Palestinian cause, in word and deed, are beyond reproach."
Well, except for that time that Jordan killed ten thousand Palestinians:

But hey I guess let's let bygones be bygones, eh fellas? In truth I have a feeling that Mr. Kuttab only wrote this because he also has Jordanian citizenship, and probably was too skittish to criticize his "free" government.

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