Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Critics of Israel" Defend Iranian Totalitarianism

The Huffington Post recently published and then buried an article by Reporters Without Censorship about the brutal crackdown of freedom in Iran. Some of the passages included how there are more than 40 reporters imprisoned there and that a cartoonist was sentenced to 24 lashes for making fun of an Iranian leader.

A couple of known "anti-Zionists" who pretend to be motivated by human rights had something to say on this article. What do you think it was?

See, if you aren't going to disagree with Iran because it's not the way leftists behave, that's one thing. Just don't say anything. But this defense of Iran in the weakest way possible (i.e. deflecting onto the West) just  gives the whole thing a phoned in quality. Tsk tsk. I expected better.

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  1. Glenn Greenwald clearly works for the Iranian government.


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