Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Deadly Accident, Israel Blamed

Yesterday the Huffington Post covered a story of a traffic accident in Iran that killed a South Korean UN nuclear inspector and injured another one. Obviously some people were suspicious that the accident was anything but, considering who it was that died. And even more obviously: even though Israel would have nothing to gain from the death of a UN inspector and much to lose, the Huffington Posters decided to blame them anyway.

Better safe than sorry I suppose.

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  1. I went to the thread and it was somewhat heartening, in that it seemed like a 33/33/33% split between posters like these assholes, posters who felt Iran was responsible (turning the anti-Israeli argument on its head by implying Iran would have killed an IAEA inspector if he found info the mullahs wanted to somehow cover up), and posters who noted that Iran has a horrifying record of fatal car accidents and this felt like part of that (interesting side note: one of this group was the fanatically bigoted poster 'Dogpaddle'). It's always good to know that speculation can be based on idiocy and black humor with the HP as much as bigotry.


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