Friday, May 25, 2012

Elcin Poyrazlar Rips Turkey's Record On Women

In an amazing op ed for the Huffington Post, reporter Elcin Poyrazlar tears into Turkey's record on women's rights. Here's a sampling:
"But one area about which I try not to shut my mouth is violence against women. Turkish women are systematically harassed, raped and murdered. Underage girls are forced into marriages with much older men. In some cases they are sold by their parents. And sometimes if they refuse they are killed to save the family's honor. For statistics you can go the European Commission's Turkey reports or Amnesty International publications. In the last ten years, violence against women in Turkey has increased by up to 1400 percent. The representation of Turkish women in the national parliament is 14.3 percent. Violence and discrimination against women can be found at any level of society, educated or not. On certain streets of Istanbul, if you are wearing revealing clothes, you can easily be harassed -- and in case of rapes, the judge may decide that you seduced the rapist."
And where were all the human rights advocates of the Huffington Post, those stalwart defenders of justice that will back any Palestinian because they are victims, dang it?

Somewhere else.

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