Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Evening Comment of the Day

The Huffington Poster known as "Abdul Kader" is the ultimate Huffington Poster: he hates all Western countries, will happily defend the worst dictators as long as they are anti-West as well and if his name is any indication he is foreign as well. He was recently spotted on the recent Syria thread defending Assad. After a lovely diatribe in which he declared that American women like being raped, he finished with this lovely rant:

Huffington Post approved.

The original link.


  1. That's the handle for who? Dennis Kucinich or Arianna Huffington?

  2. One can only hope that a "work accident" quickly speeds him to the land of the seventy-two raisins. Won't he be in for a horrible surprise.

  3. Atleast he is honest about his opinions and beliefs.
    Unlike the rest of the Anti-sem..err...zionists lurking at the Huffpost

  4. I tend to look at the comments here and then go to the HP to see one of two things: what the reaction has been to them from other posters (which often ends up being oddly heartening, in that the stupidest and ugliest remarks tend to take a beating from a large number of HP posters who come across as SANE), and if the comments/profiles remain in place (those are the times when what's said breaches any legitimate way the HP moderators would keep it around). And I've never been more surprised to see a post remain undeleted than I am with this one. It's truly vile from start to finish. I think I'm going to check in more in coming days to see if it's gone, because this is the kind of trash you see on websites that are much, much worse overall than the HP is (hard as it can be to believe that such websites do exist).


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