Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Example of a Post: All Palsbara Tactics

This one short comment shows several of the classic Palsbara tactics. Let's dissect it, shall we?

When it comes to the "right of return" (in this case, but really for anything the Palestinians want):

1. "Everyone" supports it (other phrasings: "the whole world agrees")
2. It's a right (just like the Palestinian right to kill Jews and get free stuff)
3. It's enshrined in international law (you know, the international law that Hamas and Fatah honor so much when they fight Israel).
4. And if you don't support it, you're a racist.

All four of these talking points show up in every HP Israel thread and are repeated ad nauseum. Recognize them, so you can combat them. 


  1. Maybe they’re being ironic, like their name “Thinking 4 Myself”.

  2. Perhaps they actually are against racism

    I know that you guys at this website officially support it but most people don't

    And yes that is the definition
    You believe rights and laws should be applied differently to different religious and ethnic groups. That's racism.
    Don't be a coward, own up to it if that's what you believe


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