Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Example of a Post: Zionist Choice

Today's example of a post shows that there is absolutely nothing about the Arab nations that HPers will criticize:

Rather than criticize the Palestinians, for example, for electing the fascist genocidal terror group of Hamas to lead them, "Aussieposter" here would rather blame Israel for existing.

I doubt he would make a similar comment about a black kid being beaten for walking through a white neighborhood.


  1. So Israel is "just walking through the neighborhood"?
    Who'd have known that it was just passing through when it shows every sign of being determined to stay - and continue to expand?

    1. Continue to expand?

      Yes, that vast Jewish state that is gobbling up everything around it.

      Israel's landmass is, what?, 1 percent of the entire Middle East? Something quite like that.

      What a behemoth!

      Here's an idea, why don't you guys just leave us Jews alone to build our computer doodads and send Natalie Portmans out into the world.

      That would just be dandy.

      Mike L.

      Israel Thrives

    2. Aw, Quentin Baggg, I've really missed your insights (or opposite number) on here! I think you're up to 0/29 as far as the ratio of items with any intelligence or veracity to total submissions. In any case, please keep coming by. The snorts of laughter you inspire are welcomed.

    3. Natalie Portman, just for information, hasn't lived in Israel, and neither have either of her parents, since she was three. She's also married a person "outside the tribe," has she not?

      I think that makes her more of an American "product" than one of Israel.

    4. I think she's a hybrid of both the Israeli and American experiences, and it's hard to tell from your post which part of that pisses you off more.

  2. Tony Andrews, if you are going to try to post "undercover," it would behoove you not to use the exact same talking points and links that you used on the Huffington Post less than a week ago.

    We've already told you that you aren't welcome here so find somewhere else to troll.


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