Friday, May 4, 2012

Guest Post: Barry Rubin on Media Bias

Great article by Barry Rubin about NY Times bias:
"With the arrival of Jodi Rudoren as correspondent, New York Times coverage of Israel and related issues has now gone to a new level of ridiculous bias, especially after a predecessor who really did try to be fair.
What is most impressive about Rudoren’s record so far is that there is no attempt to give the faintest appearance of balance. She probably doesn’t understand what that concept means. And she certainly knows that the editors and ombudsman won’t hold her accountable.

We in Israel have grown used to media prejudice and, given our low expectations, probably accept more of it without complaint than anyone else in the world.
Yet the following lead was the absolute last straw for me, in an article entitled “Palestinians Go Hungry to Make Their Voices Heard”:
“The newest heroes of the Palestinian cause are not burly young men hurling stones or wielding automatic weapons. They are gaunt adults, wrists in chains, starving themselves inside Israeli prisons.”
This is not news coverage but revolutionary romanticism. And consider the implications:
–The article does not tell us that they are in prison for a reason. These are overwhelmingly people who have murdered or tried to murder civilians during a period, by the way, when their supposed governmental representative, the Palestinian Authority, was not at war with Israel.
–They were in fact “burly young men…wielding automatic weapons” when thrown into prison after trials. Most of them admit–indeed brag about–their crimes and make it clear that they would continue such deeds if released.
–Consequently, these people are NOT heroes to Palestinians, a macho society generally, because they are pitiful, gaunt, and starving but because they were heroes of an armed struggle defined in genocidal terms.
–The Palestinian Authority and Hamas holds these people as role models to young people so that they will be inspired to grow up to kill more Israelis.
–”Gaunt adults, wrists in chains” seems pulled from the nineteenth century novels of Victor Hugo.
–Remember, these are the people still in prison because of the bloodiness of their crimes after Israel has released hundreds of others in prisoner exchanges or amnesties designed to indicate good will and promote negotiations.  They are still in jost ail not out of cruelty or even out of a sense of justice and self-defense but because they generally are the most merciless in deliberately slaying those who are weak and helpless.
–The author’s goal is to make readers say, “Those horrible Israelis are so mean and repressive, mistreating those poor people! We must do something!” And it is to make Jewish readers to say, “We must distance ourselves from this evil country (or government) that so betrays basic Jewish principles of mercy and justice.” The former call for pressuring Israel in order to hurt it; the latter urge pressuring Israel for its own good and talk about a crisis of Zionism in producing such a terrible system.
In other words, this is not a news article but a work of political propaganda that could have been produced by a Palestinian public relations’ firm or an American Jewish group that acts as a Palestinian public relations firm. The purpose of this article is not to report or explain what is happening but to elicit sympathy and support for–shall I say it? well, it happens to be true–terrorist murderers or would-be murderers who were foiled despite their best efforts.
Let me again add that there is nothing “liberal” or “conservative” about these facts. Nothing at all. Pretending otherwise is another propagandistic thought-control effort to get people to deny reality in the guise of opposing horrible right-wingers. It comes from the type of people who can ignore the persecution of Christians in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, the Gaza Strip, and other places in the Middle East while fabricating and highlighting claims that Israel is making Palestinian Christians flee.
Recently, the Columbia Journalism Review, a publication I revered in my youth, published an article claiming that Israel had more journalists in prison per size of population than any other country in the world. This was totally false and the name of no actual journalist imprisoned was mentioned because there are none. Meanwhile, next door, the Palestinian Authority has been engaged in a public campaign of suppressing and arresting journalists that has been ignored by the world.
To its credit, after considerable criticism, the Columbia Journalism Review apologized for the article and criticized it. And do you know who wrote that cogent response? An editor who had experienced real repression of journalism in the home country, Iran.
At times we seem to be living in the updated version of Ignazio Silone’s remark, “The final conflict will be between the Communists and the ex-Communists.” All to often, we cannot depend on Western-trained intellectuals in positions of power who either buy into leftist ideology or tremble in fear of being called racists or Islamophobes. This highlights the importance of dissident Muslims and refugees from Middle Eastern tyrannies who have some immunity on those two points. Unfortunately, of course, they are outnumbered by the apologists and the conscious radicals sowing disinformation.
As for the Western world itself today, there seem to be two remaining groups: those who believe whatever they are fed in this manner and those who are so disgusted by such crimes against proper and honorable journalism who respond by cancelling their subscriptions."


  1. Great great article. Thanks for the post, or I would've missed it.

    I would love to see nothing more than to see this article in the NYT itself,
    as well as on HuffingtonPost. Not that either of those would ever print it,
    and not that it make a difference to the biased haters, but at least it would
    be out there, for a wider audience.

    With each passing day, I get sicker and sicker of the Palestinian propagandists on HuffPo, and HuffPo's allowance of their vitriol.

  2. "We in Israel have grown use to media prejudice and, given our low expectations, probably accept more of it without complaint than anyone else in the world."
    That is a problem that Israelis need to rectify, and quickly. Israelis should be screaming about it loudly, constantly and without letting up. When you don't, you don't at your own peril. The Israelis are an inventive, innovative people. Innovate!


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