Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holocaust Denial of the Day

The aforementioned Nazi article turned up a lot of loathsome characters, mostly of the 'deflecting to Israel' type, but we did see some Holocaust denial. Check out this very informative thread:

Further down the thread someone asks them "why does it matter how many Jews were killed?" And here is the answer:

Classic Holocaust denier behavior: pretend to only care about the "historical record" but you don't have to get very far before the real agenda comes out. All HuffPost approved, of course.

The original link.


  1. So far, the comment, and the entire "discussion" that revolved thereafter is still on there. Is there anyway to contact the moderators? Report that cascade forthwith?(I have yet to locate such an option in the link you've provided).
    Also, perhaps you could include, in future, a journalling of all references, addenda, conveyances, and links to the anti-Semitic "VeteransToday", and its associates(as we see there, "Lewrockwell.com").
    Utterly despicable, that such "opinions" are allowed to incubate and fester, in a so-called "progressive" outlet. Or maybe it's not so surprising after all?

  2. Declan McManus is Elvis Costello's real name. He very publicly refused to ever perform in Israel.

  3. Why contact the moderators? Contact the board of directors of AOL. Contact the corporate officers of AOL named in their 10-K. I am sure they'd love to be hung with the name "Jew hating Nazi apologist."

  4. And they're off again...



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