Sunday, May 27, 2012

HP "Covers" Just One Minute Campaign

Arsen Ostrovsky wrote a great article about Israel's campaign for a minute of silence at the 2012 Summer Olympics in memory of the Israeli athletes murdered in 1972. Amazingly, the Huffington Post covered it. Unsurprisingly, they completely buried it.

I never would have found the article if I didn't follow Ostrovsky on Twitter. The article is in "HuffPost Canada" for some reason, even though Ostrovsky is American and the article is about Israel. It cannot be found on the normal (sorry Canadians) Israel page or World page. It's clear that the Huffington Post simply doesn't want this article to be read by a lot of people. Which asks us why they even bothered to cover it at all. Try to maintain a shred of objectivity, perhaps?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for printing and bringing attention to this.

    Everyone should share Aresen Ostrovsky's article,
    sign the petition, and do whatever they can to get the
    IOC to finally do the right thing, and honor the memory
    the these athletes.


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