Wednesday, May 16, 2012

HPW: Iran Hangs "Mossad Spy," HPers Cheer

The fascist theocracy of Iran, beloved by tons of HPers, executed a man yesterday that the government claimed was a Mossad spy. The HuffPosters, naturally, couldn't have been happier. They immediately bought the Iranian government's story and launched into an Israel hate fest that the mullahs would be proud of. Take a look at some of the comments to see for yourself, but first check out the top comment:

"BraveYusuf", and I'm not even going to touch that name, spreads the kind of ZOG conspiracy theories that would be at home at Stormfront, but are equally popular on the Huffington Post.

Check out the rest below the fold:

(note that according to this HPer, it's [Israel's] who assassinated the nuclear scientist's fault that Iran executed the "spy," not Iran's.)

Funny how theocracies don't seem to bother the HPers very much when the "theocracy" in question isn't Israel.

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  1. My only hope from this otherwise boilerplate article is that any of these posters turn up one day lashing out against either the Israeli justice system or capital punishment. I used to think that there were some leaps too insane even for the worst of the HP crowd--but now I'm pretty sure that my hope will be met quite soon. What truly horrible people these 17 posters are.


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