Sunday, May 27, 2012

HPW: Miri Regev Call Sudanese a "Cancer"

The Huffington Post, always eager to publish any anti-Israel news, published a second article about the recent anti-African immigrant activity that took place last week in Israel. This one is about a statement made by an Israeli MK named Miri Regev in which she called Sudanese refugees a "cancer." While most reasonable people would acknowledge that illegal immigrants are a problem all over the world, not just Israel, her phrasing of "cancer" is problematic and, of course, the HPers are not reasonable people.

What followed (not surprising) was a huge outpouring of bigotry and hatred towards Israel based on the words of this one government official. There was also a large amount of Jew baiting and Holocaust comparisons as you will see. Here's one to start you off, the rest are below the fold.

And of course, even after 6 pages of people condemning Regev for calling the Sudanese a cancer, we got this comment:

It just goes to show, it doesn't matter what the headline says. If Israel is the subject, hate will follow.

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