Tuesday, May 22, 2012

HPW: Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally

In a typical spun headline, the Huffington Post covered an article about Ultra-Orthodox Jews rallying. According to the headline, the Jews were rallying "against the Internet." In reality, "Tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men attended a rally Sunday at the New York Mets' stadium on the dangers of the Internet and how to use modern technology in a religiously responsible way." It was not a rally "against" the Internet any more than a safe driving class is a class "against" driving. 

But of course, because Jews are news, the HPers came in droves to this article. Most of the comments were against religion in general, calling them ignorant and backward, etc. But some comments were specifically anti-Semitic, and those are the ones I captured. Here they are, starting with the worst first:

Remember, this is the Huffington Post, not Stormfront or any other kind of neo-Nazi site. Hard to believe when you read these comments.

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