Monday, May 14, 2012

HuffPost "Neglects" Palestinian Hunger Strikers

If there's one thing Palestinians and their apologists love to complain about (and there are so many things), it's that the things they are doing don't get enough attention. Just follow some of them on Twitter and you'll see what I'm talking about. Which makes the Israel section of the HP this morning all the more ironic (and biased):

That's right, not one, but two articles about the hunger strike, including one that is extremely sympathetic to the point of outright propaganda. Check out the first two paragraphs of the "portraits of hunger strikers" article:
"For the thousands of Palestinian families who have a relative in Israeli detention, a photograph is the only real contact with their loved ones.
In homes, the images are usually decked in elaborate frames alongside the portraits of dead ancestors, marking the conspicuous absence of the prisoners."
Only one paragraph in the middle of the article mentions that these prisoners have been convicted of deadly attacks or other violence.

With this "lack of attention" from the HP, it's no wonder the Palestinians resort to violence so quickly and easily.

And, let's not forget, there has yet to be even one picture of an Israeli victim of Palestinian terrorism ever published on the Huffington Post.


  1. note:
    Fatah prisoners held by Hamas on hunger strike

  2. When Palestinian sympathizers were reminded of the treatment Gilad Shalit received,
    it caused a flurry of excuses and defenses, but none as nervy and despicable as a
    comment made by HuffPo's resident anti-semite SamSeven, who posted this response:

    You're either with Humanity or you're not.
    679 Fans Become a fan
    2 hours ago ( 2:03 PM)

    Shalit is released get over it.

    You can view the thread here:

    And please take note that his 'micro bio' reads: "you're either with humanity or you're not".
    I believe he meant "you're either with humanity for the Palestinians, or you're not"

  3. As I have said before, let them die. It will be a good object lesson to the ones who live.


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