Thursday, May 3, 2012

Human Rights Groups Criticize Arabs, Lose Credibility

There was a screaming headline on the Huffington Post yesterday that declared "WAR CRIMES." And then when you read the inside story you will find that it says that Syrian forces committed war crimes...according to human rights groups like Human Rights Watch.

How did the Huffington Posters react to this news you might ask? Well, for every one comment expressing horror or outrage at the terrible violence happening there, there were at least four who proceeded to use the time honored tactic of shooting the messenger. Let's start with the top favorited comment of the thread:


Now I will be the first one to tell you that human rights groups are not the best source of information. They are influenced by politics and their own human biases as much as anyone or anything else. But what I found strange was that these comments seemed to come from a position of true antagonism toward the human rights groups. Why? Why are the Huffington Posters so bothered by the possibility that Syrian forces were committing war crimes? I don't think it's because it will be used as ammo for an intervention in Syria, I don't see any major politicians calling for that in a serious way.

Could it be because the human rights groups are targeting a non-Western power that is Muslim and Arab? I'm not sure, but consider the reaction of a trio of Huffington Posters when a known Zionist made a comment on the thread:

Nope, no political agenda there either right?

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  1. The interesting thing about the nearly hysterical reactions of the HP's Neck Vein Brigade to the HRW allegations against Syria is that they're the exact inversion of how these types react to HRW allegations against Israel--when they're screaming about how honest and thoroughly researched and rock-solid the HRW information is, and how anyone who doesn't agree with their criticisms of Israeli actions (which tend to be both scathing and often-inaccurate, BTW) is a combination of Zionist and war criminal and most evil figure to ever walk the Earth.
    It's always nice to see that kind of hypocrisy on display, and sites like this one are doing a great service by making examples of it crystal clear.


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