Monday, May 14, 2012

Ironic Comment of the Day

The HP covered the news of the Israeli government appealing for peace negotiations, and as usual the HPers reacted to it by attacking Israel for all manner of offenses, real and imagined. But check out the top "favorited" comment on the thread:

I'm sorry, who is the side that "uses" the Holocaust as a talking point to push its politics again? I can't remember.


  1. Right, because in the Holocaust the population of Jews grew by leaps and bounds. In the camps, the Jews had so much to eat that they were all overweight, they had cellphones, and zoos, and restaurants, and lawyers, etc.

    These people are the ones who are depraved. They salivate over the idea that the Arabs will finish what Hitler started, and every honest person knows it.

  2. What about the name: MarxEngelsLeninTrotsky

    He needs to look up the term Democide.


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