Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Israel Builds Fence Near Lebanon, HuffPosters Spew

The Huffington Post covered a news story yesterday about someone building a border fence with their neighbor. No, it wasn't America. It was Israel building a fence one kilometer long on the border with Lebanon. The article made it clear: The fence was not on Lebanon's "side," and in fact Israel was coordinating the building of the fence with the Lebanese military and the UN.

So everything was legal and copacetic. In fact Israel should have had that fence earlier because it would have prevented such terror attacks as this one and maybe even the 2006 Lebanon War. But even though everything was on the up and up, do you think the Huffington Posters had anything less than hatred towards Israel and everything it stands for, along with dozens of Nazi comparisons?

Stupid question right? Of course they did, in a perfect example of Israel derangement syndrome. Most of the complaints were that Israel building the fence was not helping them make peace with their neighbors (as if any of them cared about Israel making peace before this article) and that Israel was "making a prison for itself," along with the usual off topic deflections and copy/pasting of talking points. Others were nastier:

This must be one of those "criticism" of Israel's "policies" I always hear so much about.


  1. Am Yisrael Chai!
    Very interesting blog. Good job.

  2. As I understand it, this security wall is necessary to protect innocent Israelis from sniper fire from Lebanon.

    Yes, those despicable Jews trying to save their own lives and those of their families, if only they would cooperate in their next genocide - after all, the world loves dead Jews. Live Jews, who insist on being treated as human, not so much.

  3. Couple of bullet points for this one:
    *Because the comments shown here tend to be a damn good snapshot on the level of bigotry from HP's cream of the crap, I often head over there and see if they are still there or if the moderators have done their job and taken out the trash. And on this one, I have to give the HP mods credit, because a LOT of the garbage cited here is gone (I have no way of knowing which specific spew was excised at each specific point, but it's not hard to put 2+2 when you see the "this comment has been removed..." and specific comments are dunzo).
    *While the HP crowd oft pivots to a specific anti-Israel/anti-Semitic point when the main subjects don't intrest/aren't favorable to them, sometimes we get "Irving v. Lipstadt" moments like this one. What I mean by that is back in the day, a lot of asshole commenters, when the great Emory historian was being sued in the UK by the Holocaust denying prig, started in by snarling that Dr. Lipstadt was attacking free speech by suing Mr. Irving. Yes, the plaintiff-v.-defendant heading didn't clue them in, and indicated they were most unfamiliar with the facts of what they were screaming about. And the reaction of a lot of the commenters here made me think "They saw 'Israel', they read 'fence', and they just lost their minds." Sad, in its way.


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