Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Israeli Elections = Hate Fest

The Huffington Post covered the news from inside Israel that Netanyahu and Kadima have reached an agreement that Netanyahu will not call for new elections. This news affects Israelis almost exclusively, but that didn't stop the HPers from unleashing a general hate fest against Israel, Israelis, Netanyahu, and Jews. Here's a sampling:

Go to a thread about the recent British or French elections and see how many people are attacking those countries' existence. But don't say there are double standards against Israel. That's just playing the victim.


  1. I don't know if you have a profile up for 'Macready', but he's one of the most gleeful ass-kissers and chickenhawks in HP history and should get some time in the spotlight. His M.O. is to jump in with "Fanned!" and X2 whenever someone else makes a rational-by-comparison anti-Israel/anti-Semitic talking point. I've never read any posts by him that show he's anything other than a ventriloquist's dummy, but he takes up so much air on the HP threads that it makes for interesting reading.

    1. We only profile people who are strongly hateful or blatantly anti-Semitic. Macready is neither of those things. He may be annoying but if this blog were about tracking annoying people we'd be at this 24 hours a day.

    2. One thing I've noticed about that guy. I think he has the most "x2" responses to comments that have been deleted. Whenever HP decides to clean house and wipe out all of the wildly anti-semitic comments (which they had already let through on a fully moderated thread...), a impressive number of the now deleted comments have an "x2" from him dangling off them.

  2. meanwhile a halfway sane article by Josef Olmert on the same topic has zero comments

    Because we're not supposed to remember that the white upper middle class unitarian marxist anarchists at the core of HP were extolling the praises of Kadima just a few months ago when Tzipi Livni was in charge and she was held up by these fools, who not only don't follow Israeli politics, they don't speak to anyone who does or has any stake in them let alone read or understand Hebrew, as left wing feminist savior of Israel.

    Now that Kadima is part of the largest coalition in Israeli history ever, a concept that HP idiots otherwise find attractive for any other country in the world, now they tell us it's evil.

    This is why what HP idiots say do think and post is utterly irrelevant.


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