Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Merely Critical of Israel's Policies" Comment of the Day

Here's another comment that proves the HPers are "merely critical of Israel's policies":

Describing Israelis as "filthy animals," but Israel is the one who "dehumanizes" the poor suffering Palestinians (tm).

The original link.


  1. "dogpaddle47"

    IMO, one of the most vile. Reincarnated from a previous user, no doubt.
    Reminiscent of the one without shoes.

    This poster should be flagged by everyone every single time he spews his vitriol.
    Interesting though, how he seems to ALWAYS get through the "moderation",
    and rarely gets deleted. *SIGH*

  2. hmmmm. 'only filthy animals would use this stuff'….

    Police: Terrorists fired 2 phosphorus shells into Israel - JPost
    White phosphorus found in mortar shells fired from Gaza ynetnews

    well, so there ya have it! finally….the TRUTH.


  3. White phosphorus is properly used to obscure a battlefield to protect the troops, and that is exactly how the Israelis used it in Cast Lead, and in every other situation in which it has been used. The soi-disant "white phosphorus" burns which the Arabs tried to pass off as "war crimes" have been shown in every case to be something else, often domestic abuse in Arab families.

    The Gazan Arabs, however, have committed true war crimes by purposely shooting white phosphorus at Israeli civilians on a number of occasions.

    As always, the Arabs lie about their own behavior, and try to project it onto innocent Israelis. War crimes are an Arab specialty, and they know it.


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