Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Hunger Strike Whining

Ready for a classic Huffington Post dichotomy? In the same day the following two articles were posted. Article #1:

And article #2:

As usual, the irony is prevalent. There isn't much to say about the news story, though be sure to note the biased picture. The journalist did interview some Palestinians and isn't it interesting what they had to say:
""God holds the decision: sometimes we are called to resist with stones, sometimes with guns, and other times through hunger and perseverance," Khader Adnan, a leader of Islamic Jihad and survivor of a 66-day jail fast, told Reuters from a Jenin refugee camp." [emphasis mine]
Hey do you remember when Daoud Kuttab and his followers were telling us about how Khader Adnan was an innocent baker cruelly imprisoned by the evil Israelis? Now even Reuters and the left-leaning Huffington Post freely admits that he is not only a member of Islamic Jihad but a leader of them. Don't expect an apology from Daoud Kuttab though. Here's another member of the hunger-striking "victims:"
"Dialogue with them is not possible, there's no alternative [to the hunger strike]," said Qahira Saadi, a mother of four sentenced to life in prison by Israel in 2002 for her alleged role in a suicide bombing, but released in exchange for Shalit. "This is a battle, and hopefully it will come to a good end," she said.
Wow. How peaceful. As for the article by John Wight, I'll break that into the next post. Stay tuned.


  1. The Israelis are wrong to release these monsters. Let them starve. If they starve themselves to death, that is up to them.

    If, in fact, the Israelis would stop being so humane and forgiving and LET THESE MONSTERS DIE, it would put paid to this whole blackmail scheme. The terrorists don't want to die, they want to send others to die and murder innocent Jews. If they see that the Jews are starting to behave towards them the way they behave to the Jews, they will stop this damned quick.

  2. Oh hell, give them their wish, self imposed death. Let them starve.

    All the people who didn't give a crap about Gilad, they didn't care one iota that no one knew whether he was dead or alive, that he was allowed ZERO rights under every existing law,
    that he had no human contact with anyone in the outside world, that he was malnurished and in a dungeon for 5 1/2 years never seeing the light of day.

    Now, suddenly they are all "humanitarians".

    I pray Israel does NOT cave and give in to this and instead, gives them what they want….

    "rights for the Palestinians"….

    starting with the "right" to starve themselves to death.


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