Monday, May 7, 2012

More News the HP Doesn't Cover: Students Attacked in Toulouse

Less than a month after Jewish children were murdered in Toulouse:
The president of the French Jewish student organization has called on the University of Toulouse to combat anti-Semitism after a dialogue conducted by Israeli students last week was disrupted by protests’ hateful threats and chants.
The incident, which occurred on April 25, came approximately one month following the murder of three Jewish students and a rabbi by an Islamic terrorist in Toulouse.
The delegation of Israeli students from a non-political organization were midway through a tour of French universities and had held successful events in Lille and Lyon before visiting Le Mirail campus, in the area where the Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah grew up.
They were at a stall on the campus and were handing out leaflets and speaking to students when a group of protesters arrived and began shouting at them through a megaphone.
"They began shouting anti-Israel slogans and saying that Israel was a criminal state," said Sacha Reingewitz, vice president of the UEJF. "They said Jews should be exterminated and that Israel commits genocide."
The protesters demanded that the Israeli group remove the Israeli flag from their stall and when the group refused, they took it down by force.
"Security had to intervene – it was very upsetting," said Mr Reingewitz. "The protesters were saying 'get out of here' and they sang an antisemitic slogan in Arabic: Khaybar Khaybar is Yahud, Jaysh Muhammad sawfa ya'ud" (Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return)."
After security removed the protesters the event continued, but Mr Reingewitz said the Israeli visitors were "very shaken," The Jewish Chronicle reported.
"They did not expect this at all," he said. "They were very distressed. They were obviously willing to have a discussion, even one that was tense, but they were not expecting anything of this sort."
The incident took place days after the first round of voting in the French presidential race."

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