Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Never Ending Entitlements

I saw a couple of Tweets recently from Palestinians and just knew that I had to share them:

The first one especially is a perfect example of the entitlement culture that has apparently sprung up among Palestinian Arabs (or at least their supporters). The Palestinian prisoner hunger strike has been the latest Twitter topic that they have all rallied around. One little problem: it doesn't appear to be working fast enough to suit them. The closest they have to come is some journalists writing about it, but even the Huffington Post couldn't be bothered. Is this because the world hates the Palestinian people? Or maybe because they have gotten sick of their never ending publicity stunts? Or, most likely, is it because there are plenty more newsworthy stories happening around the world?

Ultimately the cause doesn't matter. Miriam Barghouti sees that the UN isn't marching to her tune so immediately pulls out the silver bullet of the entitled victim card. The UN isn't helping mass murderers get out of prison? Then they must hate the poor suffering Palestinian people because they are racists!

Of course, despite the request of Rana Baker you can be sure that no Palestinian will give back a single dime of the millions of dollars that the UN gives them in cash and services on a yearly basis. They're quite happy to demonstrate and throw shoes but actually make sacrifices? Forget it.

But let's not conclude without getting at the ridiculous hypocrisy in Miriam's tweet. Yes, if only the UN would treat all human beings equally. They can start by integrating the Palestinian refugees into UNHCR and getting rid of the UN refugee agency that exists for Palestinians alone. This will result in the Palestinians getting the same amount of aid money that all other refugees receive including the ones in such places as Somalia and Darfur. Then they can get rid of the International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People until every people on earth get their own days of solidarity. Then you can get rid of all the committees that take care of the Palestinians and the Palestinians alone.

I am sure than Miriam Barghouti will be very happy, as the UN's goal of treating all human beings equally will be fulfilled. I doubt, however, that she will stop complaining on Twitter.

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