Tuesday, May 1, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Iran Hangs Gay Man

But remember, Israel is the biggest human rights violator on Earth:
"BERLIN – The Islamic Republic's campaign to execute gay Iranians is believed to have resulted in the public hanging this month of a man identified only as “CH. M.”

According to an online report last week in Europe’s largest gay news service, Pink News, Iran’s judiciary imposed the death penalty on Ch. M. in Marvdasht, Fars province, on April 19 “for allegedly engaging in ‘sodomy’ with another man.”

Iran has ramped up over the years its persecution of the country’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.

The British Guardian earlier this month translated remarks from Grand Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi-Amoli, who said, “Even animals... dogs and pigs don’t engage in this disgusting act [homosexuality], but yet they [Western politicians] pass laws in favor of them in their parliaments.”

Stuart Appelbaum, a leading US gay activist and head of a large trade union, wrote to The Jerusalem Post by email on Saturday: “The fact that Iran promotes and tolerates this kind of action removes itself from the community of civilized nations. The entire world – gay and straight – should be appalled.”

Appelbaum added, “If members of the LGBT community speak out about the Middle East and yet remain silent about the horrific acts and statements coming out of Iran, they are culpable as well.”"

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