Friday, May 4, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Potential Terror Attack Averted

Even in Israeli newspapers, this article didn't make the front page because it is so common:

"IDF forces arrested overnight Friday a Palestinian man with a 14 centimeter blade in his possession, outside Elon Moreh settlements in the West Bank. The suspect was transferred for investigation.

The incident occurred around 1am on Friday, when the settlement guard spotted a suspicious figure walking near the fence and called up Kfir Brigade soldiers, who arrived at the scene and arrested the suspect.

It is still unclear whether the man was planning to carry out a terror attack, or break into the settlement to steal property.

Following the incident, the settlement raised its alert level and urged residents to remain in their houses. Additional forces were deployed at the scene and combed the area for more suspects. "
 I guess he'll start his hunger strike soon.

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