Monday, May 7, 2012

Omar Barghouti is a Racist

Gilad Atzmon found this video of Omar Barghouti (who you probably know from his boycott work) putting his foot squarely in his mouth:

The video is only a minute long but there is oh so much information packed into it. For example Barghouti declares that he won't be lectured on violence by a "white person" why? Because “the white race is the most violent in history of mankind.” Isn't that special.

Atzmon found the video from Deliberation, which is a left-wing site. Deliberation had some uncomfortable questions as well:

"But there is also another acute question that deserves our immediate attention. Why exactly the ‘socialist’ crowd in Chicago is so exited by Barghouti’s Racist remark? Is it possible that our so-called ‘progressive’ panthers have changed their spots, are they now in favour if racism? 
"I guess that Ben White, another spokesman for the BDS movement, may have an answer to offer. In a recent New Statesman article he foolishly admitted that that BDS “is a strategy, not a principle.” 
"I guess that this is indeed very concerning about the BDS . It is not principled at all. A BDS prominent leader happens to spread racist remarks while enrolling to a ‘Zionist’ academic institute which he expects us to boycott. Another BDS prominent spokesman admits that the BDS is “not principled”. Meanwhile in the UK BDS attempts to destroy Israeli Habima theatre but does nothing to promote a Palestinian theatre from Ramallah. As the BDS buying itself a name of a dedicated book burning institution, we learn that trade between Israel and Britain grew last year by 34%. 
"If BDS is an important humanitarian call and, we in Deliberation believe it is, it better be managed and represented by people who are slightly more principled and certainly more clever and astute.
I would say of course that BDS has been racist from it's very beginning. This latest admission by Barghouti only helps to prove it.


  1. This is actually fantastic news for people who are opposed to BDS (and, you know, sane and all that) because the debate spawned here quickly fell into a fight between Tony Greenstein (anti-Zionist), Gilad Atzmon (ugh), Jay Knott (who runs the anti-Semitic Pacifica Forum and specializes in 40 IQ-level arguments about race and alleged censorship) and assorted hangers-on. Fundamentally, BDS is a ship full of losers, and events like this are making that more and more clear. I'm so glad these nice folks found each other!

  2. Of course BDS is racist.

    Arabs boycotting Jews, or Europeans boycotting Jews, is obviously racist.

    This is not about Israelis, in general, but specifically about Jewish Israelis.

    Israel Thrives

  3. According to Ben I "run the anti-Semitic Pacifica Forum and specialize in 40 IQ-level arguments about race and alleged censorship".

    I don't run Pacifica Forum (I run its website). I don't engage in arguments about race and IQ. I do have quite a lot to say about censorship, however. One out of three.


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