Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some Old Holocaust Cynicism

We missed this the first time around but the Huffington Post produced quite a lot of articles for Holocaust Memorial Day a few weeks ago, and one of them ended up in the Impact section. Naturally Huffington Posters came out of nowhere to spit on the graves of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust by complaining about the day:

I guess Holocaust Memorial Day really bothers some people.

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  1. Here's my question:

    Day after day you guys are showing the world some of the most vile anti-Zionism and anti-Jewish racism coming from the progressive-left in the HuffPost.

    How is it possible, therefore, that we western diaspora Jews tend to maintain an allegiance to a political movement that acts directly in opposition to our own well-being by making a home of itself for such people?

    I do not get it, but I very much believe we need to name the movement which is proving itself to be the foremost racist movement in the west today and that is the progressive-left.

    Am I wrong?

    Mike L.

    Israel Thrives


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