Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spun Headline of the Day

Matt already commented on the Israeli politicking and the usual rage that they produced. But what I wanted to demonstrate was how much the Huffington Post spun the headline for clicks. For starters they covered the same story twice but let's begin with the most commented upon version. Here is the inside headline:

And here is the headline as it appeared in the "World" section:

Not only is the headline completely different but it's not at all what the article is about. Really would it kill anyone in the Huffington Post if this headline was simply "Netanyahu, Kadima Reportedly Reach Agreement" like it is on the actual headline? And if that wasn't bad enough we also get an unnecessary editorial here: I'm no political junkie but I don't see a unity government in Israel as a "dramatic twist." Such things happen all the time.

And of course, we have to get Iran in there because the Huffington Post editors know that there's nothing their readers love doing about more than screaming at Israel for even talking about attacking Iran.

The Huffington Post's bias is rarely this transparent.

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