Thursday, May 24, 2012

Still More MJ, Still More AIPAC

Since his firing departure from Media Matters the Huffington Post is just about all that MJ Rosenberg has going for him. And since he only ever writes about one topic, one can pretty much guess what he's going to say as soon as one sees the title. In this particular case, he is explaining how the Jewish Lobby is controlling America to try and mess up the new negotiations with Iran, but in even more loaded and blatant terms than usual.

For the sake of everybody's time I don't see a need to reiterate his talking points since they are the same in every article. Instead let's just count the number of times he implies the Jewish Lobby rules our country:
"This president is likely to only go as far as AIPAC (or the Israel lobby at large) will permit him to go." 
"It [Iran] understands that the U.S. demands are AIPAC's (ultimately Prime Minister Netanyahu's) demands and it knows that there will be no satisfying them."
At this point MJR does the unthinkable and acknowledges the presence of another ethnic lobby in this country, that being the Cuban lobby which has affected American relations with Cuba for decades. No doubt this will astound his supporters, at least those who actually acknowledged it was said and won't go on pretending that the Jews are the only people in America who lobby Congress to help their fellows.

But not even that bone stays for very long before the rhetoric gets turned back up again.
"The Israel lobby's influence poses a threat to world peace now."
"The bottom line is that U.S. Iran policy is made by and for Netanyahu and the lobby. No matter what progress comes out of the Baghdad negotiations, Congress -- at the lobby's bidding -- will immediately move to thwart it."
So what's Rosenberg's big plan? Iran needs to make a peace proposal now and prove that dastardly lobby wrong! See, for Rosenberg it's not really about avoiding war or keeping everybody safe. It's about sticking it to his former employee and object of his all-consuming hatred. If "the Lobby" wanted peace with Iran he would demand the bombers should already be flying. If "the Lobby" wanted the US economy to succeed he would suddenly become an expert on Wall Street finances.

We'll see if Iran proves him to be correct. If it doesn't I expect him to merely slink away again. Still at least this time he isn't shilling the tired old line of "Israel firster," so thank providence for small blessings.

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  1. The first time I ever read a column by MJ Rosenberg (I had never heard of him) I thought that "MJ" stood for Mary Jane, judging by the quality of the writing and level of argumentation, and imagined that he was a 19 year old Berkeley co-ed/activist.
    Here's why: The column was a sleazy slandering of Ed Koch, for a column that he wrote. MJ didn't provide a link to Koch's column, (I had to google it), it was about 7 paragraphs of name calling and contradictions, never addressed any of Koch's arguments, but distorted his statements, and he (she?) stated that Koch couldn't possibly know anything about foreign policy, because the only elected job he'd had was mayor of NY, not realizing that Koch was at one time a congressman, not to mention that he's about 90 years old and has seen a lot of history first-hand.

    When I found out that MJ was actually a middle-aged man I was astounded, to say the least. Crappy writing and lazy reasoning.


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