Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Syria Prisons Slaughterhouses, HPers Don't Care

The Huffington Post covered the following news with a screaming headline:

But all of the noble "human rights" advocates of the Huffington Post couldn't care less. Most of the dedicated Israel bashers couldn't even be bothered to show up on the thread, but check out some of these comments:

Everyone is far more interested in changing the subject to the US and/or spreading CIA conspiracy theories. I guess interest in human rights only gets you so far. Compare those comments to this one, from the Israeli settlers shooting thread:

Sorry, Syrians. If you want the HPers to care about you, you need to have been born Palestinian and be in conflict with Israel. 


  1. In other words Red Pill is calling Jewish Settlers .......Palestinians!

  2. "Red-Pill", aka Nwo2012, is one nasty nasty piece of work.
    Is it my imagination, or is his latest sock puppet, "Red-Pill" even nastier than Nwo2012?

    And who could really be nastier, than the terrorists and bandits of Gaza and West Bank,
    who commit terror acts by the use & sacrifice of their own damn children!


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