Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Terrorist Dead, Huffington Posters Cheer

Yesterday the Huffington Post covered a news story about an air strike in Yemen that killed a senior Al-Qaeda commander named Fahd al-Quso. How do you suppose the anti-war, anti-imperialist, pro-peace, pro-human rights Huffington Post crowd reacted to this?

With joy, of course. What else were you expecting? From the top favorited comments in the article:

You get the idea at this point but they were all more or less like the ones above: Happy that al-Quso is dead, but even happier that President Obama was the one who killed him because it makes the President look good and the Republicans look bad.

Now I'm not going to shed any tears that an Al-Qaeda operative is dead but I did think it was kind of interesting how the Huffington Posters were so blatantly pushing politics in this thread. If the exact same story had happened six years I imagine their reaction would be very different. This doesn't bother me necessarily but it does more or less confirm what I have been thinking about the Huffington Posters for a while: that their political beliefs are what drives them and not their "values."

With that in mind let's see what happened when Israel took out a senior terrorist commander named Zuhair al-Qaissi. Actually the vast majority of top favorited comments are praising Israel for defending itself. Weren't expecting that were you? But of course the hate parade came in to provide their two cents as well:

That being said, it's nice to see that at least for those Huffington Posters who don't simply hate Jews, their antagonism toward Israel isn't personal but political. Not that it excuses the kind of hate we often see though.


  1. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the last paragraph (below the comments by "Seawolf56" and "YankeeCanuck"),
    but let's be very clear about one thing, neither of those two posters fall in the category of
    " ..Huffington Posters who don't simply hate Jews, their antagonism toward Israel isn't personal but political."

    Those two hate Jews, and their antagonism toward Israel is both personal and political. "YankeeCanuck" tries to hide it and make it sound more "political", where as "Seawolf" doesn't, but make no mistake about it,
    "YankeeCanuck" is a Jew hater through and through.

    1. Yes sorry if that wasn't clear. What I meant to say was that for those who don't simply have a personal antagonism toward Israel (like YC and SW) their antipathy toward Israel is political.


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