Monday, May 21, 2012

Today's Bias: Settlers "Open Fire"

In today's Huffington Post headline bias, the HP spins an already propagandized video. Here's the headline:

First of all, why are you the HP reporting anything with the disclaimer of "purportedly"? A real newspaper would get all the facts, and then report the news. But of course, all the facts might make it more difficult to spin it so Israel looks bad.

Second, the video simply does not match the headline. I watched the video, I invite you to do the same. The settlers are standing around, a Palestinian throws some rocks at them, one or two shots are fired, and then the settlers leave while the Palestinians take away a "wounded" man. The settlers do not "open fire", nor does the headline mention the Palestinian violence that accompanied it.

But that's OK, as long as the headline makes Israel look bad, the HP's mission is accomplished. 

1 comment:

  1. Some of the nastiest comments I've seen are on this thread.
    Starting with "Fred Ricardo" stating:
    "all neocons need to be killed",
    which was finally removed,
    to "ussuri" stating:
    "in the video I see Israelis shooting Palestinans like they are animals.
    only terrorists shoot civilians"
    and replied to by "alpi57" who states:

    "speaking of animals and cruelty to women, you forgot the Jewish Orthodoxy from that distinguished list"

    Yes, HuffPo approved by moderation.


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