Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today's Headline Bias: Israel Recognizes Jews

I logged on to the Huffington Post earlier today, and what did I see?

Um...what? What does that mean?

When you click on the article, it takes you here, in which the actual news is:
"On Tuesday (May 29), the State of Israel announced that it will pay the salaries of some Conservative and Reform rabbis, a practice the government has traditionally reserved exclusively for Orthodox rabbis. "
 That news item bears little resemblance to the headline the Huffington Post chose. Compare the HP's choice of headline to Ynet, JPost and even Ha'aretz.

I guess asking the Huffington Post to headline just the facts is too much to ask. Note also the picture choice, a faceless Israeli watching planes fly rather than the praying Jews of all three Israeli articles.

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