Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today's HuffPo/Stormfront Comparison

In the wake of another hate fest on the Huffington Post, sparked by the fact that Israel is a democracy in which governments sometimes stay in power, I thought it was time for another Huffington Post - Stormfront comparison. If you don't believe that the Huffington Post is a welcoming place for people who hate Jews, see if you can figure out which of the following remarks are made by people on the Huffington Post or people on Stormfront. The answers are below the fold.

A.  "The USS Liberty incident is all the proof you need that our politicians have sold their souls to the Zionists. Yet we still fight their wars of aggression and belittle ourselves at their behest. Disgusting."

B. "If the world wants to see peace in the Middle East, the first step is to dismantle Israel. You could not ask for a better definition of predatory state driven by moral hazard and absent consideration of human rights.
It disgusts me to hear these people speak about the holocaust whenever they need to defend their own morally reprehensible and criminal actions such as Cast Led."

C. "Stalling from an Israeli concentration camp in Gaza?"

D. "I find it interesting that Iran is considered this 'threat' (by our zionist funded mainstream politicians) when Iran has never even invaded anyone, only fought a defensive war against Iraq."

E. "I hope Iran turns Israel to glass."

F. "Just maybe Americans are tired of our son's and daughters dying and spending every last american dollar keeping jews alive in the middle east !"

G. "The implications of this confrontation would not be as grave were it not for the activities of dual-loyalty/disloyalty Khazar/Jew media manipulators and political fifth-columinists in the United States who are actively and frenetically dispersing the message to the sheeple that the fate of the U.S. is joined to the fate of the rogue state of Israel."

H. "If the evil Zionists attack Iran we will have World War III."

I. "Typical brain-dead bile. 200 nuclear war heads are already in the hands of your terroristic, colonialist state, deal with it on your own instead of dragging the West down with you."

J. "Isreal is the biggest terrorist state in the world, the ammount of people they kill in the name of whatever is far greater than any ME country currently."

A. Stormfront.

B. Huffington Post

C. Huffington Post

How did you do?


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