Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We Catch John Wight In A Lie

I mentioned before John Wight's somewhat premature moanfest about how the "mainstream media" isn't covering the #1,652nd Palestinian hunger strike to free terrorists, but let's take a look the second time around just to see how out of the park this blog post can really get. Mr. Wight writes about a variety of different subjects from Ireland to Trayvon Martin, but we have encountered him once when he made a blatantly anti-Semitic remark before so feel free to read that as a warm up before we continue.

Now knowing his attitude toward the state of Israel and its Jewish supporter, I find it highly questionable that Mr. Wight wrote this article out of a deep commitment to the human rights of the Palestinian people. He starts off in the usual fashion of listing lots of numbers and referencing Amnesty International before we get our first big lie by omission:
"One of those, Ahmad Sa'adat, has been held in isolation for three years and is yet to be charged with a crime."
An interesting fellow to single out. You see, Ahmad Sa'adat is the Secretary-General of the PFLP, a terrorist organization that has killed hundreds of Israelis and more than a few internationals as well. In fact he was even imprisoned by the PA for killing an Israeli Tourism Minister. Not that Mr. Wight would ever mention this. But that isn't even the best part.

You want to know the best part? Click on the link. It's to an Amnesty International report...from 2002. And what does the Amnesty International report say?
"Following the decision of the Palestinian High Court of Justice in Gaza ordering that Ahmad Sa‘adat be released immediately, Amnesty International is calling on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to respect this decision and free him from detention without further delay. Amnesty International is also calling on Israel to publicly guarantee that Ahmad Sa‘adat will not be subjected to any extrajudicial measures, including assassination." [emphasis mine]
Not Israel. The Palestinian Authority. And I have a feeling that Mr. Wight knew that was what the report said before he sourced it as part of his article. So either he didn't read the report (and is a sloppy journalist) or he did read it and hoped that no one would notice, which makes him dishonest.

Okay, you say. Maybe he made a "mistake." After all, this guy has been in and out of prison for much of his life. But even then Mr. Wight's above statement is wrong because a simple Google search reveals that yes, he is imprisoned by Israel. But he had a trial and was sentenced to 30 years in prison for being the leader of the PFLP. So this claim that Sa'adat has yet to be charged with a crime is nothing less than a straight up lie.

Click the link below to continue as I have a feeling we are just getting started.

Check out this interesting little piece of journalistic malfeasance:
"It is also claimed that the Israeli prison authorities are waging a campaign of punishment against the hunger strikers, which includes daily raids on their cells, the confiscation of personal belongings, cutting their electricity supply, and various other measures deemed illegal under the Fourth Geneva Convention."
Oh really? Claimed by some website? Is there any proof? Any corroborating evidence? Why does the fact that a group of people who are known liars "claim" something is true make it suddenly good enough to appear in this blog article? And to be perfectly honest as far as treatment in prisons go, "daily raids" is not exactly the Shawshank Redemption. Feel free to contrast that to treatment of Palestinian homosexuals imprisoned. But don't worry he has more to claim:
"Physical abuse and humiliation of the detainee by Israeli forces is common. Based on numerous sworn affidavits, detainees have reported that they have been subjected to attempted murder and rape, thrown down stairs while blindfolded, as well as various other forms of physical abuse." 
 Sworn affidavits? Really? I see: because people who blow up buses full of civilians would never even dream of lying if it thought that it would further their goals. They're too moral to do such a thing. Especially when the Palestinians know that the only way they will ever win against Israel is by fighting the propaganda war and making themselves look as victimized as possible. I'm sorry Mr. Wight but you're going to have to do a little bit better than just "they said so." Even a link to the claims would have been better but this isn't going to cut the mustard in a situation like this one. Sorry.

Mr. Wight continues to complain about Israelis arrested Palestinians in large numbers. That's basically the basis of his argument. Lots of Palestinians have been arrested. This is while Syrians are dying by the hundreds just next door. And at the end he declares:
"Draw your own conclusions."
Oh I have Mr. Wight. Believe me, I have.

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