Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Biased Headline Leads to Hate

The Huffington Post couldn't wait to get their hands on another Israel hit piece, nor could they get enough of the already controversial material before spinning the headline:

Really? Ever single person going to Israel gets their email searched? Oh wait no, it's just another classic Huffington Post headline. Here's the slightly improved inside headline:

Now if you aren't already familiar with the story, what happens is that after years of "activists" flying to Israel specifically to cause trouble all over the state (including starting confrontations with soldiers) Israeli border security wised up and started screening for people who may be coming to Israel specifically to be "activists" for the Palestinians and then deporting them. In this particular case, two foreign ISM-supporting Arab women told their story about the eeeevil Israelis who violated their privacy before deporting them.

And, obviously, no one has to give the police access to their email account. But if they want to come into the country, they have to. One of the Huffington Posters pointed out that America has all foreigners fingerprinted when they come into the country, among other things. But don't bother the Huffington Posters with inconvenient facts.

As for the Huffington Post, I'm sure you can only imagine the hate parade that followed. Most of the commentators didn't even read the story, as they seemed to think that everyone's email was being checked and that anyone could be booted out or arrested, including Israeli citizens. So it goes without saying that a lot of people were simply waiting for this article to confirm their prejudices against Israel:

I for one am highly doubtful that if it had been any other country with a new kind of screening process that there would be over 800 comments of hatred.


  1. Mmm. Sorry but Israel is not any other country, as both Israelis and Arabs know. It is the center of all three major monotheisms in the world, and for that reason will always be subject to much greater scrutiny, especially considering the highly controversial manner in which Israel was created by forcing Palestinians out of their homes. So don't complain about increased scrutiny.

  2. Really? The Israelis "forced" the arabs from their homes? The fact that the Arab League and five other countries invaded Israel promising to massacre every Jew on whom they laid their hands (and did so when Jews were unlucky enough to encounter them) had nothing to do with it?

    And the fact that their brother (ha) Arabs asked the Arabs of Israel to get out of the way in order to make their conquest of Israel and the Second Holocaust easier had nothing to do with it? What about the the promises that if the local Arabs cooperated and got out of the way that they could share in the spoils of the dead Jews, just as Hitler's willing executioners did? That had nothing to do with it?

    Israel is the center of Judaism, as it has always been, but it is hardly the center of Christianity, more a bit of history, and it most assuredly is not the center of Islam, which was invented in the Arabian Peninsula and after all of the local Jews were slaughtered or sold as slaves (after promises that they were safe, a promise broken by mohammed as soon as he was strong enough)the Moslems established two "holy" cities there.

    Why is it that Christians and Moslems always want to co-opt that which belongs to Judaism? Supersessionism, perhaps?

  3. Please don't be so blinkered. Jerusalem is a holy city in all three monotheisms, that is fact. If you deny that you are being ludicrous. Where did Muslims prey to before Mecca? Jerusalem. Where was Jesus born? In what is now Israel. Until you accept the land is disputed you never be able to seek peace.


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