Monday, June 25, 2012

AP, HP Fixated on the Jews

As you probably heard by now, the Muslim Brotherhood won the elections in Egypt. So what's the HP's reaction?

Yes, the Huffington Post and the Associated Press only care about one country's reaction to the election: Israel's. Who cares about all the other countries that might care? There's only one that gets the clicks and the page views.

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  1. The general idea behind focusing on Israel's reactions/views on events in Egypt doesn't actually bother me that much; what happens in Cairo is going to be a huge matter for Jerusalem, in ways that could be extremely dangerous, and there are a lot of issues in play worthy of serious consideration. Having said that, I'm quite sure the HP is going to quickly pick up the pre-1979 thread and alternate between castigating Israel for not giving the Muslim Brotherhood everything they want, penning long pieces about how the MB are really a bunch of great guys with modern values (with the occasional exception of criticism for how they treat women and Copts), and looking to current-day Egypt as an ally in the war against U.S./Israeli powers and interests. Just a hunch.


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