Friday, June 8, 2012

AZ Tactics: "The Holocaust Card"

If there is one thing Israel haters love, it's complaining that pro-Israel people always "use the Holocaust" to stifle "criticism" of Israel. But as I will point out to you, they themselves are far more likely to compare Israel to Nazis than any pro-Israel person.

Here's an example. The HP covered the news that Israel was building new houses in existing settlements, as Zach blogged about yesterday. That's what the news is: Jews living in the West Bank.

So how did the HPers respond?

Comparing Israel to the Nazis, because obviously Jews living in the West Bank is just like the Holocaust.

To sum up: comparing Jews living in the West Bank to Nazism is OK, comparing Palestinian anti-Semitism and desire to drive the Jews into the sea to Nazism is not. What a world these people live in.

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