Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Biased Headline Leads To "Rage"

The Huffington Post published its requisite "Die Israel Die" article yesterday with a story about a crackdown on illegal foreign migrant workers. The outside headline was about as unprofessional as you can possibly get:

Meanwhile, what's actually happening?
"Israeli authorities detained dozens of African migrants in predawn raids early Monday, in the first major step toward what leaders say will be deportation of 4,500 people who have entered the country illegally. 
"Interior Ministry spokeswoman Sabine Hadad said 55 people, including 45 from South Sudan, were rounded up in Monday's raids, which took place in several towns across the country. More raids were planned in the coming days, she said."
Now in my opinion this was a bad decision more for the timing than anything else. It looks like they are giving in to the people who were rioting against immigrant just last week. In fact it probably was.

Before we get to the comments, though, here's something to give you a little perspective:
"During Fiscal Year 2010, ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] deported 392,862 undocumented foreigners, of whom more than 195,000 were convicted criminals, an increase of more than 23,000 deportations – including 81,000 people with criminal records – compared with 2008."
In one year alone America deported almost four hundred thousand people, about half of which were criminals. Now, do you think the Huffington Posters would compare America to Nazi Germany or apartheid South Africa for doing that? I'm going to go with probably not. Israel, on the other hand, was the target of much "rage." I put "rage" in quotation marks because I don't think believe for a second they are actually upset about the deportation of migrant workers (legal or otherwise). They just decided to bide their time for another opportunity to bash Israel, an opportunity the Huffington Post was glad to give them:


  1. Liberals OUTRAGED by Israeli gay tolerance.


  2. Face it, if the Israelis allowed all of the illegals to stay the Huffpo would insist it was because they wanted to use them as slave labor.

    The posters on the Huffpo have real mental health issues, it is clear. They need to work off these problems by projecting their inadequacies and troublesome obsessions onto innocent scapegoats, and of course, for Europeans and Moslems the Jews are the scapegoats of choice.

    Some of these fools need to believe this garbage to shore up their shaky self-images, but some of these people don't really believe this crap, they are trying to purposely be hurtful in order to make themselves feel better. Jews have always been a good target for such deficient personalities, and I daresay we always will be.


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