Thursday, June 21, 2012

CiFWatch on News the Guardian (and HP) Doesn't Cover

Interesting news courtesy of CiFWatch about a Palestinian hunger striker who doesn't get Twitter trends or Guardian articles about her.

The following was written by McGonagall at the blog, Israel, Norway and the Jews:
“I don’t think the following strategy for dealing with Palestinian inmates on hunger strikes in Israeli prisons would be wise for Israel; if they were to follow Norway’s example here, I am pretty sure we would have very angry condemnations from the FM, the general press and the usual suspects from the NGO’s. Double standards, anyone?”

Here’s an excerpt from the report at the Norwegian English newspaper, The Foreigner:
Both family members and doctors are worried that the woman, who began her protest three weeks ago, could die at any time.
Nevertheless, the ethics council for the hospital concluded, Monday, that doctors must not force feed her, and that the woman can continue as long as she can continue to communicate.
The woman began her hunger strike after her asylum application was denied, she feels that returning to the Gaza strip is too dangerous for her husband and three-year-old son.
“She is sure that it is dangerous for us in Gaza, where we come from. She believes it is better to die in Norway than we lose each other in Palestine”, her husband told [Norway's] TV2.
Sure enough, a quick glance at the GazaPalestinian territories and Norway pages of the Guardian doesn’t turn up a thing about the 31-year-old Palestinian hunger striker. 
For some reason, the Guardian hasn’t followed the story at all, yet alone published the kind of sensational reports they did about Khader Adnan and Mahmoud Sarsak, two Palestinian “hunger strikers”, held by Israel, affiliated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

I simply can’t imagine why.

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  1. I am sure that the Norwegians have a very good reason to let her starve herself to death, one which is completely civilized and honorable. They are Norwegians, after all, not Jews,whom we know only do things for evil reasons.


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