Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Comments of the Afternoon

How do you interpret this conversation?

Does it sound to anyone else like they wished the Nazis won? If you have a different interpretation, let me know.

The original link. If context helps.


  1. It's also rather uncanny, how they(the anti-Semites) manage to shove their call for the extension and completion of the Holocaust, on a thread that doesn't deal with anything remotely relevant to it, thereby only evincing their racism, and yearning for the extirpation of the Jewish people.
    The comments have NOT been, so far, removed.
    Is there anything we can do about it?

  2. I called it about a year ago. The insane left would ultimately start suggesting that the wrong side lost WW2. There is in fact no limit to their hatred. If every Jew in Europe were rounded up and gassed tomorrow, HuffPo readers would smile.

  3. Comments like these tie into the general admiration at HP for recently fired MSNBC worker Pat Buchanan, over his consistently anti-Israel (often anti-Semitic) views and general disdain for U.S. foreign policy; good old Pat's often made the case that the U.S. should have stayed neutral in WWII instead of fighting and defeating the Axis powers, and it's not hard to see the history that would have come out of such a decision appealing to the kinds of people who comprise a large part of the HP regulars crowd.


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