Friday, June 8, 2012

CotD: "A House is Worse"

In today's comment of the day, an HPer perfectly exemplifies the Bizarro-world values of the Palestinians and their supporters. Click to zoom in:

Key sentence: "A bomb comes and goes, eventually losing all influence on those who saw it pass away, but houses linger in the minds of entire families for generations."

For Palestinians and their supporters, land is far more valuable than human life. That is why they are so willing to take Jewish lives for the crime of "stolen land" and to sacrifice other people's lives to get land for themselves.

How can such morality be reasoned with or compromised with? Sometimes I despair when I read comments like this.

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  1. Does that mean that the HPers now give Israel a free pass to bomb anywhere they like, provided(by their twisted logic), that no houses are built there, thereafter?
    Hummm... Sounds interesting; Does that mean they'll retract their screeds against operation Cast Lead sometime soon? After all, no houses were erected there, in the aftermath.

  2. "How can such morality be reasoned with or compromised with?"

    It can't. It just simply can't.

    In part, that is due to the culture in which they are raised. A culture where one is encouraged to have numerous children for a sole purpose, "to carry on the fight".

    Children for the purpose of sacrifice, as "freedom fighters", as "holy warriors", as "Jihadists" and "shaheeds"… even as human bombs, all for the purpose of killing of Jews…and all of which are honorable, encouraged, and nurtured.

    "A bomb comes and goes, eventually losing all influence on those who saw it pass away…".

    I call BS on Calamity…as he/she and others continue to hold on to the "evils" of Israeli bombs used in retaliation, while they cheer the rockets, mortars, and HUMAN bombs of what caused those retaliations.

    More and more I am sickened by the Palestinian apologists on HuffPo's boards, who seem to have totally lost any/every sense of truth or honesty, and even reality.
    The Palestinian apologists who are so deep in denial that they will never see the light of day. The Palestinian apologists who scream "land theft", "genocide", "ethnic cleansing", "mass murder", and a whole host of other terms that they *use* to lie about Israel, yet find all of those things to be perfectly fine, excusable and defendable when used by Palestinians... and perpetrated against Israel/Jews.

  3. The comment isn't subtle. What it means is that a house houses Jews. Jews who live there. As long as there are any living Jews, it's an affront to Arabs and Huffington Post.

  4. I think the poster's name - "Calamity" says it all.

  5. Have you seen the comments to Zogby's column about Pascell's insane antisemtic victory over Rothman?


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