Friday, June 22, 2012

Daoud Kuttab Rewrites PLO History

We have long known that Daoud Kuttab has given up any pretense of journalistic objectivity and has instead becoming your boilerplate Huffington Post blogger, with a slight lean more toward the "pro-Palestinian" side of things rather than the "anti-Israel" side, but not much more. In his latest article he actually praises the PLO and then rewrites their history. Let's take a look.

Obviously it goes without saying that Mr. Kuttab never mentions the civilians killed by the PLO in massacres and terrorist attacks. And that includes not only Israelis but also Lebanese, Jordanians, and innocent Westerns who happened to be on the wrong flight. According to Mr. Kuttab the PLO never hurt a fly. So that's a given, and we'll just keep that in mind as we continue along the article.

He actually starts off surprisingly well before really starting:
"The past two and a half decades witnessed the slow death of the Palestine Liberation Organization. The PLO, established in June 1964 by the Arab League and then taken over internally by the various resistance movements, led by Fateh, is credited with the unification of the Palestinians in the diaspora. It is also seen as the main factor that reignited the Palestinian identity in pursuit of national liberation."
Most anti-Zionists would never admit that the PLO was established by the Arab League or that this happened in 1964, as both of which damage the Palestinians' claim to be an ancient people who only pick up arms to "resist occupation" of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. However, Mr. Kuttab is also misleading when he says it "reignited the Palestinian identity." It didn't reignite it, it ignited it. And in fact the Palestinians had no choice but to accept it, it was forced upon them whether they wanted that identity or not. And the Arab nations made sure that they would remain Palestinians forever, and never do or be anything except what the Arab nations wanted. How very magnanimous.

However, Kuttab points out that the PLO became less important when it morphed into the PA. Now watch this cunning whitewash:
"Having control over land, people, money and weapons (albeit small weapons) made the PA a much more important organization than the scattered PLO. After Beirut and Tunisia, the PLO was but a few offices, usually at Palestinian embassies. "
Um, what happened in Beirut and Tunisia?

Oh that's right, the PLO murdered hundreds if not thousands of civilians. Oops, sorry. I said I wasn't going to mention that, the same way Mr. Kuttab didn't. Anyway moving on, he then talks about the problem of Hamas and other Islamist groups. But rather than just saying that Fatah won't share power because they are fascists, he spins it into a "political issue:"
"A number of factors, not the least of which the failure to reach a Fateh-Hamas reconciliation, have revived the ailing movement. The reconciliation agreement between Palestinian nationalists and Islamists included a clause calling for the reinvigoration or [sic] the PLO in a way to be truly more representative of all Palestinians."
Again, no mention of the brutal infighting that led to the deaths of many Palestinians. And this is also great:
"A new PLO with a strong Islamic factor in it will also mean that it can better communicate with the new Islamist leaders in Tunis, Egypt and possibly other Arab countries." 
Indeed! Islamist rule over Palestinians is great! Who cares if all the women in Palestine have to wear burkas, or if no one is allowed to criticism Islam without getting beaten to an inch of their lives! We've got to fight for our freedom! I also like how he assumes the new leaders of Egypt will be Islamist. So much for that whole democracy thing.

With that in mind, he returns to the only thing the PLO does well: "resist" Israel:
"Whatever the composition of the new PLO, one does not expect it to be the same as the PLO of the 1970s and 1980s. One should expect much more stress, inside Palestine and outside it, on nonviolent activities, popular resistance, boycotts, divestments and sanctions."
Notice how nowhere in there is peacemaking on the agenda. But hey, considering the entire region the PLO was set up was to destroy Israel, why would that change? Nor would Mr. Kuttab bother to point that out.

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