Friday, June 1, 2012

HP Photo Bias: Israeli Soldier Killed

The Huffington Post covered the breaking news of a skirmish on the Gaza border in which an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian "militant" were killed. Naturally, they went with the biased photo:

And the outside headline is even worse:

You also can't see it there, but this story was buried at almost at the bottom of the "World" section, including below a two day old story about the "Sesame Street torture."

Once again notice the dehumanization of Israeli soldiers. The Huffington Post could have published a picture of the soldier's face like they did here and here and here. But one little problem: that just isn't done for Israelis. The Huffington Post has yet to publish a picture of an Israeli victim of Arab violence, and chances are they never will. How is that for "fair and balanced?"

Finally, Ynet has a picture of the soldier who was killed:


  1. I had hoped they wouldn't have been so sloppy with their grammar; Just what the hell is an "Israel Solider"?
    Make it either an Israeli solider; or specify a locality, as in: "Israel: solider...".
    Second, the "clash" didn't occur on the border. The terrorist(hardly a militant) had infiltrated into Israeli territory, and made about 3 to 4 KMs, (1.5-2 miles) inland, before finally being intercepted.
    According to a message by Islamic Jihad, who has claimed responsibility for the skirmish, his(the terrorist's) stated aim was to kidnap an Israeli civilian/solider, whoever came first on his path,
    Not something the HP reported. Sighs, this has become the norm, for what passes as journalism there.

  2. My heart breaks for the family of the gallant soldier who gave his life to save his people. The scum of Gaza are not worth the stuff I scrape from my shoe before I enter my house. May his memory be a blessing.


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