Friday, June 8, 2012

HPW: "The Anti-Semite" Canceled

A story that we originally missed, from the Huffington Posts' "Entertainment" section. A comedy called "The Anti-Semite" in France has been canceled from appearing in the Cannes film festival. The lead performer has flirted with pro-Nazi attitudes and Holocaust denial and a Holocaust denier appears in the film. Also Abraham Foxman welcomed the decision of the Cannes board.

Now most of the Huffington Post readership agreed with the decision, but some tried to turn it into a free speech issue (indicating once again that a lot of people who cry "free speech" don't appear to know what it is) while others raged at Foxman, others still tried to use this as proof that the Jews control Hollywood. Seeing as how Cannes is in France and Hollywood is in America, I don't personally see it but whatever. Anyway on to the comments.

 (link is to a Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism site)

Amazing how no matter where you go on the Huffington Post, anti-Semites always show up.


  1. AOL, the parent of HP is a media company, no? I would send all these posts to their board and demand they destroy their company or at least free it from Jew domination or suffer the hazards of boycott. cc Ariana as well.

    1. Maybe we ALL should.

  2. Trudy, that is an excellent idea!


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