Tuesday, June 5, 2012

HPW: Iran Sanctions 'Biting'

In the latest of the Huffington Post Iran crisis threads, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury David Cohen issued a statement about the sanctions to Iran, saying that "sanctions on Iran are biting, but more will be done to pressure the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program."

Now, if you're a typical HPer, you've noticed that the US official quoted in the story has the last name of "Cohen", and you all know what that means. He's automatically a dirty Jew Zionist Likudnik and a traitor to America!

There's also time for Israel-bashing and ZOG conspiracy theories, even though Israel is barely in this story (Cohen made his statement on Israel Army Radio). 


And, of course, some straight-forward anti-Semitism.

All in all, just your average day on the Huffington Post.


  1. In a year or less HuffPo will most likely erect an antisemitic litmus test to be allowed to write for them or post comments. Most of Mondoweiss is already often cross linked and quoted by the Nazi party and David Duke.

  2. "Ron Paul". Not only one of the most anti-semitic on the boards, but certainly, also, one of the most ignorant.


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