Friday, June 22, 2012

The Huffington Post's Shameless Propaganda

Just when we thought the Huffington Post can't possibly became any more biased in regards to the Arab-Israeli conflict, they sink that much lower. But today they have with a slideshow of heroic Palestinian protesters showing off their muscles and their weapons. Here's a couple of examples:

In this case a picture is truly worth a thousand words, but not about how awesome Palestinians are, but rather about how the AP and HP have become truly a propaganda organ for the Palestinians against Israel and the West. The article does include a weaksauce attempt at objectivity:
"While they are viewed as symbols of resistance and even heroes by many Palestinians, stones can kill, and the Israeli army notes that hundreds of soldiers have been injured by Palestinian stone throwers. Over the years, many stone throwers also have been wounded or killed in fighting with Israeli troops."
Of course, soldiers aren't the only ones injured or even killed by those Palestinian rock throwers that are idolized by the World editors of the Huffington Post. But we can't get little things like that get in the way.

Meanwhile, the protesters in Syria are heroically dying by the hundreds in order to overthrow Assad, but they don't get a fashionable Huffington Post photoshoot. That's reserved for the enemies of Israel.

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  1. In contrast, rather than glamorizing these militants/terrorists, let's not forget Italian photojournalist Ruben Salvadori, who did a GREAT job of EXPOSING the lies….showing "how many conflict photos are STAGED".
    The "photojournalist's" approach to a Pallywood of their own.

    I'm sure you won't see this on the HuffPo!
    It is an important piece and should be seen, it exposes the lies that are told through images. Where Pallywood is the Palestinians setting up situations, this is the photographers and "photojournalists" setting up shots to fuel the hatred and spread the Palestinian lie.

    This is a link to the video:

    This is a link to the stills:

    Please view and then share.



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