Wednesday, June 13, 2012

HuffPo Blogger Defends Iranian Regime

The aforementioned Trita Parsi and Reza Marashi wrote an article about Europe's role in the upcoming Iranian nuclear negotiations. There wasn't much to say about the article itself, though obviously it was skewed in favor of Iran. At one point a Huffington Post challenged Mr. Parsi to criticize the ruling clerical regime there and Huffington Post blogger Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich had something to say in response. You're going to want to click to zoom in:

Now this conversation is informative on many levels. Obviously it goes without saying that Ms. Ulrich's unwillingness to even speak one word of criticism of Iran stands in stark contrast with the accusation often leveled at "Zionists" that they are "blind supporters of Israel." 

It's also interesting that Ms. Ulrich asks "why" we should denounce Iran. As if she has no idea why anyone would be asked to do that. Leaving aside the whole questioning of "threatening Israel and seeking nuclear weapons, thus setting the stage for a world war" since that's apparently a question of opinion, Iran has been known to:

-Torture and rape prisoners in their jails, before executing them.
-Hang people from cranes.
-Do both of the above for such crimes as "being gay," or protesting against the regime.
-Discrimination against religious minorities.
-Silencing the media, both local and international.
-Silencing artists.
-And of course providing material support to Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist entities around the world.

I could go on. Now either Ms. Ulrich is not aware of any of this, or she does and pretends that it's somehow not a problem. Either way, this is not the behavior one would think would be acceptable on the Huffington Post.

Secondly, notice how she insists that we go after "the worst first." Ironic, again, because this is a common talking point used to defend Israel. One little problem: Iran is one of the worst in the world, not the least of which because (unlike places like Sudan and Somalia) they oppress their people in a very public and spectacular way. The truth is that Iran isn't getting enough criticism, they deserve far more. Certainly more than they have received on the Huffington Post.

Actually this might explain Ms. Ulrich's behavior:

Aah, perfect Huffington Post blogger material.


  1. If Iran wants to butcher a million Iranians, I'm fine with it. We need more human wave attacks of unarmed children by the millions, each 'armed' with a little plastic key to get them into heaven. Who are WE to condemn their ancient and noble customs?

  2. Actually, there's one glimmer of light, I find, in her(Ulrich's) otherwise vile display: when she referred to the so-called "worst offenders", I feared that she would, as is customary for people of her mindset, mention you-know-who.
    Fortunately, she didn't further bury herself in an already near-bottomless pit, by bringing you-know-who into the field; an utterly fallacious accusation, given the information that you have very wisely cited and provided, moreover, of which I am sure, SHE is aware!


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